It’s been a long time since I’ve written a review. So review requests have dropped off. The reason for the lack of posting on my part has been due to the demands of life. Later this year I hope to get back in the saddle a bit. Part of that real life business culminates in my family and I moving from Florida to Budapest Hungary here in about a month.

The reason I’m posting about this here is because if you have a book you want me to review, once my life gets back to normal I may be able to do it, but your best bet will be to get me the book in an electronic format rather than mailing me a copy. So publishers, authors, and publicists — unless you feel like shipping your book to Budapest, I will need it in electronic format. I have a Kindle so that will work. EPUB is probably the format that would work best for me. On-line books are a possibility but to be honest, something I can read when disconnected will be best.


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