It’s been a long time since I’ve written a review. So review requests have dropped off. The reason for the lack of posting on my part has been due to the demands of life. Later this year I hope to get back in the saddle a bit. Part of that real life business culminates in my family and I moving from Florida to Budapest Hungary here in about a month.

The reason I’m posting about this here is because if you have a book you want me to review, once my life gets back to normal I may be able to do it, but your best bet will be to get me the book in an electronic format rather than mailing me a copy. So publishers, authors, and publicists — unless you feel like shipping your book to Budapest, I will need it in electronic format. I have a Kindle so that will work. EPUB is probably the format that would work best for me. On-line books are a possibility but to be honest, something I can read when disconnected will be best.


A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux

When I first started working with Linux just a short 10 years or so ago, it was a little more difficult than now to get going. I remember the difficulty I had, wrestling with my first Slackware install and getting all the floppies together to get the packages that I needed. Today, a person who has never set on eyes on Linux before can have it installed on it’s own system or alongside another OS in almost no time with a very nice graphical installer walking them through the process. I also remember the hours I spent looking for the little piece of knowledge that I needed to conquer my next problem. Now, someone new to the community has a vast array of resources available on the web, or if they are inclined to begin with Ubuntu, they can literally find almost every single thing they will need in the single volume of Mark Sobell’s “A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux.”


Apache Cookbook

The Apache web server has been the number one http server on the internet since 1996. It has also become an integral part of many open source and proprietary software systems. It runs on diverse hardware, in locations all over the globe, hosting sites large and small. In November of 2003 Ken Coar and Rich Bowen had their “Apache Cookbook” published by O’Reilly. The duo brought years of experience in working with and documenting the Apache server to the plate. Now, over 4 years later they have published the second edition. Four years is a long time, but it would be reasonable to ask if this new edition is worth purchasing, especially if one already owns the first edition.