Classics Rules

Primarily this site exists purely as a place for me to review new books. I enjoy reading them and I figure that folks might get some use out of the reviews, as these might be books they are looking to purchase.

There are times though when I will review something that I consider to be a classic. When I do that it is for two reasons. The first is that I get a surprising number of people asking me for recommendations on good Sci-Fi and Fantasy books. Often I find that there are some really great authors and books that they haven’t read because the works were new quite a while ago. I got on this train young, and so I can recommend some real gems. It is really fun watching a friend or relative experience that same joy I felt, reading a great novel the first time. So that is the first reason, introducing people who may not be familiar with these works.

The second reason, is some books are just so influential in my life that I want to encourage anyone I meet to give them a try. They have had a huge impact on me and I just want to share it. This being my site and all – I get to make the rules. And so there you have it.

The thing is, these books have been thoroughly reviewed by people who are a lot smarter and much more eloquent than I am. So I will probably focus on what the book meant to me – or how it fit into my life.

If you were enjoying yourself reading up on some brand new programming or networking book, and then ran into my waxing romantic about some 1950’s Sci-Fi novel, and wondered “What’s up with this?” Now you know.

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