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I disabled this – it was too much of a pain to try and keep up. Keeping this page just in case someone runs across one of the old posts and wants to know what was up.

The delicious category contains posts that are fed directly from to this blog. There wont be any explanation beyond the link and its associated tags. They will just be things that are book related. I really want to keep this site extremely focused. I don’t want it to become my blog, I’ve already got one of those. I don’t want to start talking about everything under the sun or give my opinion on anything but books I’ve read. But I would like to point out interesting things and this seems a way to do it that wont pull me into being wordy or wandering from my focus here.

If I tag something with my geekbook account during the day, it will end up here. So if you would like to know what I’ve been bookmarking that I thought was pertinent, check the delicious category. Or if you’ve seen one of those posts and wondered what it was – now you know. I don’t expect to have them every day, or often at all, but we’ll see.

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