Rating System

Here is the rating system I use for my reviews. It is taken directly from slashdot. Most of my reviews are submitted over there, and I like the scale they use. Like most submissions to slashdot, more of my reviews are rejected than are submitted. That is what motivated me to build this little site as a place to store them all. But that’s off topic – here’s the scale:

  1. Execrable. Possibly fit for lining cages. Only a truly bad book should ever get a 1, and the review should justify this well.
  2. A thoroughly bad book, but not perhaps quite so bad as to deserve a 1.
  3. A “3” book might have flashes of good, but is one you’re disappointed with in most respects
  4. Mediocre; it may have some redeeming qualities, but they’re overshadowed by the flaws, or is simply mis-aimed. A book might rank a “4” but still be worthwhile for particular readers.
  5. Neither terrible nor terribly good, but with enough good points to make it useful for a fair number of readers.
  6. Decent and useful (or enjoyable), but difficult to strongly recommend for reasons outlined in the review; run of the mill.
  7. A good book; better than merely adequate, though not outstanding.
  8. Very good.
  9. Outstanding, but with enough shortcomings that a perfect score would be stretching things.
  10. Excellent; unsurpassed in its niche, a classic work. A review which makes a book sound merely Good should not be paired with a “10” rating.

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